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Welcome to the official home of the Kickle Cubicle remake, KickleC!

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In KickleC, the goal is to collect all of the Dream Bags from within each level while carefully avoiding the various enemies and other hazards that you may encounter. Many of the Dream Bags will initially be inaccessible, and will require that you build bridges across the open water using ice blocks and logic. You can create new pushable ice blocks by freezing Noggles (those blue blobby looking creatures). You can also create or remove pillars while over certain platform types--which are useful in stopping moving ice blocks, shielding yourself from enemies, and so on. Ice pops can be collected for points (the time remaining at the end of each level is also added to your score), and extra lives can be collected on certain levels. Finally, power cells exist on certain levels which, if activated, will instantly freeze all freezable enemies on the screen.

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KickleC is meant to be a faithful, total 3D remake of the original NES game "Kickle Cubicle" by Irem America. The arcade version of Kickle Cubicle contained fewer levels than the NES port and a different sized playfield; many of the arcade levels exist similarly on the NES edition. Even so, there are some differences in gameplay and features.

85 action-packed levels ranging from simple to intense

Five different worlds, each with its own style and end-level objects

Seven different enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses

Eight different platform types, each of which affects how Kickle completes the level

Options for altering gameplay elements (timer, lives, resolution, controls, sound, etc.)

Auto-password feature so you can continue from where you last left off

All new, modernized visuals and sounds while maintaining the original feel



This game was designed so that it should run virtually identical on all machines as long as the frame rate remains at 25-30FPS or higher. Users with high-end machines will be able to take full advantage of the uncapped frame rate, which will make game animations and movement appear smoother. For complete system requirement information, please refer to the comprehensive Readme file.


1.4GHZ Processor
32MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C


2.4GHZ Processor
128MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C

System Requirements


[ This game may still work at specs lower than the ones listed above ]



The raw game files are ZIP-compressed, so you'll need WinZip or some other type of extraction utility to decompress the contents. Be sure to maintain the complete game directory structure when extracting, or the game itself will fail to load.

Download KickleC

KickleC v1.1
19.3 MB

Download Full Game (v1.1)

[ Online Readme ]



01/07/2009 - v1.1 Released
             > Created levels 6 to 16 of World 3
> Created levels 6 to 17 of World 4
> Created 5th world containing 18 more levels
> Fully integrated sound and music across the game
> Modified numerous existing levels to improve features
> Replaced original "World Overview" elements for Worlds 3 & 4
> Fixed bug with specific instances of frozen enemy and player collision
> Fixed glitch when loading levels via password
> Fixed bug with rare instances of player death via hammer and ice
> Disabled ability to end turn via SPACE to prevent accidental death
> Added one additional speed to SPINY enemy to recreate various levels
> Fixed minor visibility issue with SPINY enemy objects
> Fixed minor glitch in SPARKY enemy texture under certain circumstances
> Fixed several rare glitches in hammer/object collision
> Fixed collision detection between Ice Pop objects and Cannon Fire
> Modified and improved handling of Dream Bag collision with Ice Blocks
> Improved and resolved several small glitches in Title/Options screen
> Numerous adjustments and improvements throughout the gamehen time runs out
12/13/2008 - v1.0 Released

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