(  ____ \     ___Kickle_Cublicle_Remake__
                                   | (    \/     \_________________________/|
 __  __ __        __     __        | |            |1990: Irem America Corp.||
|  |/  |__|.----.|  |--.|  |.-----.| | 1.1      >-|                        ||
|     <|  ||  __||    < |  ||  -__|| |            |2008: Matt Pilz (xCept) ||
|__|\__|__||____||__|__||__||_____|| (____/\      -------------------------/
      This entry is for the Retro Remakes 2008 compo: 09/2008 to 12/2008
      This game is FREEWARE; do not pay money for this game, it is FREE!


a.) Important Information
b.) Objective
c.) System Requirements
d.) Player Controls
e.) Platform Objects
f.) Enemy Types
g.) Additional Notes
h.) Change Log
i.) Contest Sponsors
j.) Contact Information


* Version 1.1 includes the complete level set for worlds 3 & 4, one new world with additional challenging levels (derived from the "Special Game" section of the original NES version), complete sound and music, bug fixes and enhancements, and more.  Please see the change log at bottom for details.

* In order for this game to run, you are required to have the *OCTOBER 2006* build of DirectX 9.0c, or later.  If you receive a warning when you try to launch the game indicating that you do not have the October 2006 build of DirectX, you can download and install the latest version for free at: http://tinyurl.com/4dfhd (currently a November 2008 build).

* If you hear sound but don't see any graphics when you first launch the game, chances are there is a conflict between your video card or operating system settings and the game (when in fullscreen mode).  To resolve this issue, open the file "config.dat" in Notepad and change the third line to "1", save, and relaunch the game.  This will then open the game in a window and should work fine (you can change the windowed resolution in the options).
* If you receive other warnings when launching the game (i.e., "File Not Found"), make sure that you haven't altered the original file structure in any way.  The main game directory should contain a "Data" subfolder, and the "Data" folder should contain several additional subfolders including "Images", "Maps", "Models", and "Sound"--each containing their own unique files required to run the game.

* By default, this game launches fullscreen at 800x600x32 resolution.  If your video card doesn't support 32-bit graphics, the game will automatically convert to 16-bit, and may scale down to 640x480 as well.  Within the options of the game, you can alter the default resolution, from 640x480 up to 1280x1024, and toggle between windowed mode or fullscreen.  If you would like to use 16-bit quality at all times rather than 32-bit, you can change the third line of "config.dat" (in the "Data" folder) to '16' (not recommended).  I would personally recommend that you set the game's resolution to 1024x768 and keep it fullscreen, unless you see a big performance hit in doing so.

* Due to the nature of DirectX, you cannot ALT-TAB out of the game or otherwise minimize it while in fullscreen mode.  Doing so will result in an error and you'll be forced to restart the game.

* If the game seems more sluggish than normal to you, a system restart will often do wonders at restoring the original speed.


In KickleC, the goal is to collect all of the Dream Bags from within each level while carefully avoiding the various enemies and other hazards that you may encounter.  Many of the Dream Bags will initially be inaccessible, and will require that you build bridges across the open water using ice blocks and logic.  You can create new pushable ice blocks by freezing Noggles (those blue blobby looking creatures).  You can also create or remove pillars while over certain platform types--which are useful in stopping moving ice blocks, shielding yourself from enemies, and so on.  Ice pops can be collected for points (the time remaining at the end of each level is also added to your score), and extra lives can be collected on certain levels.  Finally, power cells exist on certain levels which, if activated, will instantly freeze all freezable enemies on the screen.


This game harnesses the power of modern 3D graphics and computer technology, and relies on Microsoft DirectX.  Thus, it is essential that your computer has 3D rendering capabilities.  However, I always try my best to ensure consistent gameplay on as wide array of systems as possible, and I test my game on multiple machines prior to deployment to better determine the optimal system requirements.  Older computers, provided they meet the minimum system requirements described below, should still be able to run the game without any significant problems even at low framerates.  Naturally, the more powerful your computer is, the more smoothly the game will function overall (and you can then crank up the resolution to enjoy higher quality graphics).  


 - Windows XP or later (older versions may work if properly updated)
 - DirectX 9.0c (October 2006 build or later)
 - 1.4GHZ Processor
 - 128MB RAM
 - 32MB Video Card


 - Windows XP or later (older versions may work if properly updated)
 - DirectX 9.0c (November 2008 build or later)
 - 2.4GHZ Processor
 - 512MB RAM
 - 128MB Video Card


The controls can be customized from within the Options section of the game.  By default the controls are as follows:

CURSOR UP    - Move Kickle Upwards
CURSOR DOWN  - Move Kickle Downwards
CURSOR LEFT  - Move Kickle Left
CURSOR RIGHT - Move Kickle Right
Z            - Fire or Kick
X            - Place or Remove Pillar


Throughout the levels, you will encounter a variety of platforms and general surface obstacles than can either help or hurt your ability to get the Dream Bags.  Brief descriptions of these platforms and surface objects are provided below.

  * Land: The default platform which allows Kickle to place and remove pillars.  Noggles can only move around on Land platforms.

  * Slippery Ice: Similar to Land, but will not allow you to place pillars.  Noggles can't move on such a platform, most other enemies can.

  * Rock: Prevents Kickle, enemies, ice blocks, and pillars from crossing the platform, since there is a large rock in the way.

  * Base Rock: Spawns new enemies either at the start of a level or after they have been destroyed.  Each base rock spawns certain enemies depending on the level, and not all enemies respawn after death, nor do all base rocks spawn enemies.

  * Spring: This object will ricochet ice blocks off into the opposite direction.  You can push multiple blocks at once, and each block can strike other blocks while moving to alter their direction and state.  When a block is against a loaded spring, you can momentarily push it in other directions (i.e., if a left-moving block strikes a spring, you can then push it up or down if you are quick.  If you step in the way of a moving ice block, you'll die).

  * Water Hole: Allows ice blocks and bullets to travel over, but Kickle and enemies cannot pass through--nor can pillars be spawned here.

  * Breaker: If you push an ice block into a breaker object so that the block strikes the tip of the breaker, the ice will be destroyed.

  * Hammer: You can use the hammer to push ice blocks in new directions and create chain reaction styled actions.


In this edition of the game, there are seven different enemy types.  Brief descriptions of these enemies are provided below.

  * Noggle: A blob-like creature that can be frozen into ice blocks, and these ice blocks can be pushed.  They can only move on Land objects, and move quite slowly.

  * Mr. Hoople: Can walk across slippery ice, and frozen into ice (which can then be destroyed, but not pushed).

  * Sparky: A moving bomb that explodes after several seconds--destroying ice blocks, pillars, and others in the affected area.

  * Max: A bird with sunglasses that has the ability to kick ice blocks and destroy pillars.

  * Rocky: A raccoon-like creature that can be frozen, but it can't be destroyed by pushing the ice and will unfreeze if you try.  They can destroy ice pillars.

  * Spiny: A spike ball that moves along the edges of the land-based level.  Can't be destroyed like other enemies.

  * Cannon: These are stationary objects that fire bullets in the general direction of Kickle.  The bullets travel through some items while being stopped by others, such as pillars.


- There are five different worlds, with 85 individual levels in total.

- The password for the most recently played level is automatically stored within the "Password" screen.

- Many of the current levels are very similar to those in the original NES version.

- For more action puzzler fun, please check out my other free games (especially Bombzuka & Packin' Plax).



 * Created levels 6 to 16 of World 3
 * Created levels 6 to 17 of World 4
 * Created 5th world containing 18 more levels derived from the "Special Game" on Kickle Cubicle
 * Fully integrated sound and music across the game; improved sound handling
 * Modified numerous existing levels to improve features or faithfulness to original
 * Replaced original "World Overview" elements for Worlds 3 & 4 to match newly created levels
 * Fixed bug with specific instances of frozen enemy and player collision (wrongful death)
 * Fixed glitch when loading levels via password (intro transition screen was wrong)
 * Fixed bug with rare instances of player death via hammer and ice at same time
 * Disabled ability to end turn via SPACE to prevent accidental death (use ESC, then RETRY)
 * Added one additional speed to SPINY enemy to properly recreate various original levels
 * Fixed minor visibility issue with SPINY enemy objects
 * Fixed minor glitch in SPARKY enemy texture under certain circumstances
 * Fixed several rare glitches in hammer/object collision
 * Fixed collision detection between Ice Pop objects and Cannon Fire
 * Modified and improved handling of Dream Bag collision with Ice Blocks
 * Improved and resolved several small glitches in Title/Options screen
 * Numerous adjustments and improvements throughout the game


 * Initial release for Retro Remakes Competition 2008


This game development competition was made possible by the following sponsors and host(s):

Retro Remakes: http://www.retroremakes.com/
80's Tees: http://www.80stees.com/
Acekard: http://www.acekard.com/
Addictive 247: http://www.addictive247.co.uk/index.html
Axialis: http://www.axialis.com/
Castle Software: http://xout.blackened-interactive.com/Gravitron.html
Charlies Games: http://www.charliesgames.com/
Clickteam: http://clickteam.com/eng/index.php
Cosmigo: http://www.cosmigo.com/promotion/index.php
Delgine: http://www.delgine.com/index.php
Game Socks: http://www.gamesocks.com/
GL Basic: http://www.glbasic.com/
Hal Spacejock: http://www.spacejock.com.au/index.html
Kobalt Computers: http://www.kobaltcomputers.co.uk/
Leandro Correia: http://www.leandrocorreia.com/
Midnight Synergy: http://www.midnightsynergy.com/
Milkshape: http://chumbalum.swissquake.ch/
Mumbo Jumbo: http://www.mumbojumbo.com/
One Switch: http://oneswitch.org.uk/
Pandora: http://www.openpandora.org/index.php
Raptisoft: http://www.raptisoft.com/
The Game Creators: http://www.thegamecreators.com/
XGamestation: http://www.xgamestation.com/index.php
Zombie Cow Studios: http://www.zombie-cow.com/

         (C) 2008 Matt Pilz - xceptdb@gmail.com (http://m3dr.com/)

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--------/++ommNNNMmy:`   -/mNNNNNm                .NNNNNNh/.  -yyyNMNy+:------
--------smsoohMMMs/   +oodMsssssso                `sssssshMyo     mMNNm/------
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---------------hmNy.`  :MMMMMMs`     -/////////.     `dMMMMMMMNy:      dNNy---
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