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Each project listed on this page will include a link to its official site, a direct download link, and the current available version. There will also be a couple screenshots and a short description (usually taken from the readme file) for each item listed. Please visit the official site for any given project for more screenshots and game information.

The projects listed here only represent what I have completed in recent years. There are some other downloads floating around this site for incomplete projects, I think? Maybe not.


Scribblify (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad)

Scribblify Screenshot - 01   Scribblify Screenshot - 01

Click here to visit the official Scribblify Web site!

View on iTunes (5.8MB - App)

A creative drawing app for iDevices. The idea for this was hatched years ago by one of my unfinished PC applications, but touch screen makes it so much nicer.

"Scribblify is an innovative drawing and painting application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Designed with ease of use in mind, Scribblify allows anyone (regardless of age or artistic abilities) to rapidly produce extraordinary, one-of-a-kind artwork. From abstract and surreal conceptions to natural and scenic art, Scribblify is limited only by your own imagination and creativity.

Scribblify provides more than two dozen wholly original brushes, each with its own unique behavior and appearance. The assortment of brushes (many of which are unlike anything seen elsewhere), coupled with a powerful set of colors and effects, ensures an infinite amount of possibilities and enjoyment. After you've scribbled your latest masterpiece, you can easily share it with friends via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or e-mail!"



KickleC Screenshot - 01   KickleC Screenshot - 02

Click here to visit the official KickleC Web site!

Download Version 1.1 (19.3MB - ZIP)

This is a 3D remake of the classic action puzzler, Kickle Cubicle (released for Arcade and NES); this version closely follows the original Nintendo version of the game and includes 85 levels.

"In KickleC, the goal is to collect all of the Dream Bags from within each level while carefully avoiding the various enemies and other hazards that you may encounter. Many of the Dream Bags will initially be inaccessible, and will require that you build bridges across the open water using ice blocks and logic. You can create new pushable ice blocks by freezing Noggles (those blue blobby looking creatures). You can also create or remove pillars while over certain platform types--which are useful in stopping moving ice blocks, shielding yourself from enemies, and so on. Ice pops can be collected for points (the time remaining at the end of each level is also added to your score), and extra lives can be collected on certain levels. Finally, power cells exist on certain levels which, if activated, will instantly freeze all freezable enemies on the screen."


Packin' Plax

Packin' Plax Screenshot - 01   Packin' Plax Screenshot - 02

Click here to visit the official Packin' Plax Web site!

Download Version 1.1 (10.4MB - ZIP)

Watch raw in-game footage of this game on YouTube! (Low Quality)

Centering around a packaging machine theme, this game pays homage and tribute to the arcade hit, Klax.

"In short, the objective of the game is to group the various plaques ("Plax") so that three or more of the same colored plax are connected either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once this is done, the matching group of plax will automatically be packaged up and ready for shipment.

Be careful though, if you fill up the entire stacking table before a match is made, or if you let too many plax fall to the ground because you miss catching them, you'll be fired!

Once you have created a certain number of packages, you will automatically be promoted (the required number of packages increases each time that you get promoted). After a promotion, the speed of the conveyor belt will increase and/or the distance between each approaching plaque will decrease, which means that you'll require faster-and-faster reactions to keep up. Furthermore, after every several promotions you will see additional plaque color variations come into play - making it increasingly difficult to create matching plax sets."



Bombzuka Screenshot - 01   Bombzuka Screenshot - 02

Click here to visit the official Bombzuka Web site!

Download Version 1.1 (16.4MB - ZIP)

Download "The Making of..." (5.39MB - PDF)

Watch raw in-game footage of this game on YouTube! (Low Quality)

This is a faithful 3D remake of the 1988 classic action puzzle game, Bombuzal.

"In the game, you star as Bombzuka and your goal is to strategically and carefully detonate each and every bomb/mine found within every level, while making sure to leave yourself a safe and secure standing place at the end!

Life isn't all that easy for Bombzuka, however. As he makes his way through each map to detonate the explosives, he is likely to encounter a series of hazards including enemies, dissolving platforms, spinners, teleports leading to places unknown, and so-on.

Detonate all of the bombs and mines before the time runs out while making sure to secure a safe spot to stand on at the end, and you will progress to the next world where more explosives await."


The Little Eggy That Could

The Little Eggy That Could - 01   The Little Eggy That Could - 02

Click here to visit the official T.L.E.T.C. Web site!

Download Version 1.1 (14.5MB - ZIP)

Watch raw in-game footage of this game on YouTube! (Low Quality)

This is an Easter-oriented game which plays as a cross between Marble Madness and Jumping Flash.

"In this game, you star as the Easter Egg. As the egg, you must make your way through each level while picking up all of the pieces of candy that there is to collect. After all of the candy has been collected, a Golden Egg will appear somewhere within the level. You must locate and jump into this Golden Egg in order to be teleported to the next level or world.

Being the egg that you are, you must be very careful during your adventure. Avoid falling too far before landing or you'll crack and break. Also, you will want to stay clear of all hazards that may appear such as lasers and hot plates -- or you'll instantly be turned into one very scrambled egg! In addition, be warned that stepping on a surface fan will propel you high into the air.

Throughout the game, you will encounter several power-ups which will prove to be valuable as you make your way across the levels. One such power-up will turn you into a temporarily hard-boiled egg so that you won't crack or turn scrambled if struck by lasers, etc,. Another power-up enables you to run at a much faster speed when activated. You also have the natural ability to double jump, which can prove to be both helpful or hurtful depending on how you use it."


Manik Minis (One-Button Minigame Compilation)

Orbital Journey

Project Developed: 2005

Description: A series of 31 completely different microgames spread across three different difficulty levels, for a total of 90+ levels. This game was designed as part of a one-switch competition in which the entire game, including menu selection, had to work with just a single button on the keyboard. Many of the minigames and graphics are original, although some are also derived from classic games and others were inspired by WarioWare.

Note: While this game is virtually bug-free, I once encountered a strange glitch with the 'Space Invaders' minigame at higher speeds.

Download Manik Minis