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Welcome to the official home of Packin' Plax (inspired by Klax)!

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"Packin' Plax is a near-perfect puzzler that remains every bit as addictive and fun as its retro predecessor." - PC Zone Magazine (01/07)

Packin' Plax is one of those light-hearted coffee-break games designed so that you can jump straight into the action with virtually no effort or previous experience/knowledge required. Furthermore, the gameplay is such that no one play will take 'too' long to finish, but with any luck the gameplay will be addicting enough that you'll keep coming back for more!

The objective is to group the various plaques ("Plax") so that three or more of the same colored plax are connected either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once this is done, the matching group of plax will automatically be packaged up and ready for shipment.

Be careful though, if you fill up the entire stacking table before a match is made, or if you let too many plax fall to the ground because you miss catching them, you'll be fired!

Once you have created a certain number of packages, you will automatically be promoted (the required number of packages increases each time that you get promoted). After a promotion, the speed of the conveyor belt will increase and/or the distance between each approaching plaque will decrease, which means that you'll require faster-and-faster reactions to keep up. Furthermore, after every several promotions you will see additional plaque color variations come into play - making it increasingly difficult to create matching plax sets.

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Some of the key features of Packin' Plax include:

An infinite amount of progressively difficult stages

12 collectable objects including bonuses, dangers, and power-ups

Up to 10 different color variations of plax depending on how far you get

High score system and options which are seamlessly integrated into the environment

10 in-game music themes (so hopefully the music won't become too repetetive)


Packin' Plax has been designed so that it should run approximately equal (speed-wise) across a wide range of hardware specifications. This means that people with high-end machines will be able to take full advantage of an uncapped frame rate (resulting in smoother gameplay), while those running mid-end machines will still be able to enjoy the game as it was meant to be although the animations will not be quite as smooth. For complete system requirement information, please refer to the comprehensive Readme file.


1.0GHZ Processor
32MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C


2.4GHZ Processor
128MB Video Card
DirectX 9.0C

[ This game may still work at specs lower than the ones listed above ]


The raw game files are ZIP-compressed, so you'll need WinZip or some other type of extraction utility to decompress the contents. Be sure to maintain the complete game directory structure when extracting, or the game itself will fail to load.

Download Packin' Plax

Packin' Plax v1.1
10.4 MB

Download Full Game (v1.1)

[ 1.0 To 1.1 Patch ]

[ Online Readme ]


10/10/2006 - v1.1 Released
             > Fixed bug where certain "Row" packages would package incorrect plax
             > Fixed very minor bug in 'Reset Hi-Score' option
> Fixed problem with collectable objects not vanishing after death (infrequent)
10/01/2006 - v1.0 Released
08/26/2006 - v0.9 (Alpha) Released 

Award Bullet2nd Place (of 28)
Award BulletFeatured in Germany's #1 Game Mag: BRAVO SCREENFUN (01/07) Award Bullet"Free Game of the Month" in GB's #1 PC Game Mag: PC Zone (01/07) Packin' Plax - Freeware Game of the Month January 2007 (PC Zone - Britain's Biggest PC Gaming Mag)

(Thanks to Spooky for the scan)